Community Projects

The Great Meridan Milk Off

Blue Planet Run

I have just completed the Blue Planet Run an amazing event involving 20
Runners running 15,200 miles across 16 countries, 24 hours a day non-stop
for 95 days. The event delivers the important message about safe drinking
water and has had fantastic media exposure.


It was an easy decision to become Patron of Project K.  As a teacher
and graduate from Outward Bound I personally know the enriching
benefits that can be had from adventure based learning.  Another
component of Project K is mentoring and through my own experiences
as an athlete I understand how valuable these people are in our lives giving
us direction and helping us achieve our goals. 

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I have been a volunteer at the Soup Kitchen for the past 7 years helping
the sisters serve tea and coffee and meals to our guests. I have made
many friends and heard many interesting stories during my time at the
Soup Kitchen and love every minute of working there.

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For some people, the years of older age are tarnished by illness,
loneliness and a loss of independence.  Family and friends may want
to help, but do not know how. Sometimes, there just isn’t anyone
around to help.  In either case, people can turn, and have turned for
50 years to Meals on Wheels. Good nutrition is a major factor in
keeping older people healthy and independent and Meals-on-Wheels
assists older (and sometimes disabled individuals) at all income levels,
who are unable to prepare meals for themselves.
I have been delivering Meals of Wheels for 4 years and I know they are
always looking for new Volunteers to help out from time to time.

Muscular Dystrophy