About Me

Hi i am Melissa Moon. Welcome to my website. I am thrilled that you have
taken an interest, and i hope this site will give you an opportunity to find
out about what i have to offer in the way of my Motivational Presentations.
I will be posting my health and fitness top tips and keeping you updated on
my training, races and adventures here in New Zealand and around the world.

Over the years running, particularly Mountain Running, has provided me with
a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the power of the mind and
the ability to endure.  It has also given me an opportunity to experience
diverse countries and cultures. Most importantly it has provided me with
structure, direction, focus, the excitement of setting goals and the challenge
of working hard to achieve them.  Racing has satisfied that competitive nature
of mine and running quietly through the bush has enabled me to be that
wonderful free spirit.  All forms of sport at all levels can provide these
opportunities and experiences.

I am passionate about my work as a community worker at the Compassion
Centre's Soup Kitchen. Our mission is to support people in need to live with
dignity in the community. After 8 years as a volunteer this role was
established for me and I now work alongside our guests assisting them in all
aspects of their lives. Respect, non judgement and compassion are at the heart
of everything we do.


I love the live theatre and musicals and have been fortunate to see some great
shows when running in Europe.

Buddhism is the spiritual path I follow; it most suits my temperament, belief,
mental disposition and natural inclination, the basic spiritual values of compassion,
kindness, tolerance, respect, openness, empathy and forgiveness are values in the
Buddhist teachings.  Training the mind and controlling thoughts creates a greater
level of calmness of the mind and therefore allows wisdom and positive energy to
flow in abundance.


I have three brothers.  Growing up alongside them was great.  They taught me how
to be competitive and to play all sports.

My father, John Miller, is a lawyer specialising in accident compensation law.

My mother, Stephanie de Montalk, is a poet, memoirist and novelist.