Melissa's Training Notes

Melissa's Training Notes

Try a running event!              

(running about half an hour a day) the best way
to take it to the next level is training for a big event.

An 8-week training programme is excellent
for adaptation and motivation and there are fun
events all around the country that fit this time-frame.

events are in late November and early December!

broken it down to show how an 8-week plan is a
manageable bite-size way to get to your goal without
taking on more than you can chew!

before you undertake any new fitness programme.


Training Principle 1

 Long Run (weekend run)

Increase your long run by 5 minutes each week. Start
with a long run at 30 minutes in week 1 and increase
that incrementally so you will be running for 1 hour in
week 6.

Run at a comfortable pace and this will enable the
Lungs, heart, leg muscles, joints and fuel system to
become more efficient and stronger.

Training Principle 2


Two shorter runs of between 20- 30min done at a
comfortable pace and if feeling strong one of these
run can include hills. Hills build muscular and
cardiovascular strength as hills force the body to work
harder. Hill-running is very good mental training as

Training Principle 3


Random short periods of fast running are built into a
20 minute run. The faster bursts can last between
30 seconds and 3 minutes. This adds fun and variety
to training and can be done in pleasant surroundings
such as the waterfront or botanical gardens. Fartlek
teaches you to co-ordinate breathing and an increased
stride rate and stresses the body to increased fitness adaptations.
The following is an example Fartlek

  • 5 minute Jog
  • 3 minutes fast
  • 2 minutes Jog
  • 1 minute fast (5 lampposts)
  • 1 minute jog (4 lampposts)
  • 3 minutes fast
  • 5 minute cool down 

Training Principal 4

Speed training

After a 20min jog sprint for 50 metres and then
jog slowly back. Repeat this 5 times. This training
will be introduced in week 5.

Speed training works on our fast twitch muscle
fibres and increases our stride rate and pace.

Two weeks out from the event we will taper off the
long run.


EVENT CHECKLIST                       


Keep food plain and carbohydrate based, this
provides energy for the next day, a baked potato
or pasta is very safe.

         Don't eat anything unusual or with a rich sauce.

         Sip on water throughout the day to keep well hydrated.

         Pack your event bag

         Lay out your running gear with number pinned to top

         Prepare warm clothing and rain jacket


         500ml of water


         Plasters in case of blisters

       Money for food/drink/massage at event



  • Sip on water as soon as you get up as you will
  • Light breakfast 2 hours before event, eg: toast,
    jam, banana.
  • Keep warm right up until the start, polyprops
    are great, they are lightweight and can be tied
    around waist.

  • I use



  • Eat/drink within 30 minutes of finishing.
  • Have a massage.
  • Change into warm, dry clothes.
  • Take a photo of your wonderful achievement
    and frame your RACE NUMBER as a reminder
    of all the hard work and success of your goal.

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