Beijing Race




After taking a year off racing I resumed training in March of this year and launched myself back onto the circuit with a race up the 2nd tallest building in the world Taipei 101 in May. With limited training I surprised myself with a 3 rd place finish.

IT is a sport that is so demanding both physically and mentally due to the relentless intensity that it will take a few more races to get back into the swing of things. And so I have jumped in at the deep in.

At 9.05am the countdown began 3-2-1 GOOOOOOOOO. We had about a 20 metre sprint to the stairwell, the Chinese athlete took off very fast with the Australian athlete Suzy Walsham ( 4 times winner of the Empire State Building) and myself being a little more conservative so as not to accumulate too much latic acid too fast.

Suzy started to break away from me at floor 15, caught and passed the Chinese athlete and went on to win. At about floor 20 I caught the Chinese athlete. It was a cat and mouse fight between the Chinese athlete and myself till about floor 65 and then over the next 15 floor she managed to open up a gap which left me in 3rd place. Although my legs remained strong I did have trouble with the 32 degree heat which I was not use too coming from a NZ winter  


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